The bill has passed.

First of all, the occupation has not been evicted. We’re still in the theater building.

Second of all, Scott Walker’s budget bill has recently passed. There will be a meeting tonight at 9 to discuss how to prepare for the coming general strike. If you are in Milwaukee, it is extremely important that you attend.


2 Responses to The bill has passed.

  1. creamcitycollectives says:

    Where’s the meeting?

  2. Erika says:

    Hello my friends! Greetings from the Capitol Occupation! Thanks for holding it down at UWM!

    TO clarify the actions of our legislature last night and this morning, two important things of note:

    1. The Joint Conference Committee met in violation of Open Meetings Law (which requires 24-hour advance notice to have a meeting) which means that its actions are unlawful and that its business can not be approved by either House and that the work done last night and today are unlawful.

    2. The bill that did go through was not, in fact, the budget repair bill. It was actually all of the policy portions of the budget despair bill–essentially all the parts that don’t have a primarily fiscal consequence.

    Fear not! There is hope. More information to come soon.


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