The Theatre Building Occupation Has been Evicted

The specific reason for eviction and order to clear the space is not yet widely know or clear (as people who were not there at the time of the notice). We will post more details when we have them.

Spread the occupations.


2 Responses to The Theatre Building Occupation Has been Evicted

  1. Peter says:

    the occupation has NOT been evicted! This was a miscommunication, we are going stronger than ever now! With more work to be completed to build up a strong movement to support workers’ rights and education!

  2. anon theatre student says:

    the reason behind the removing of the “occupation” from the theatre building is kind of a complicated thing. in no way do i mean with any of this comment to make the occupiers out to be the bad guys, nor the administration.

    as far as i have gathered from the information posted on the site here, as well as what i’ve heard through word of mouth (yes, i understand how reliable that can be), the ostensible purpose of this occupation is to call attention to the struggle of striking workers and those people occupying the capitol building in madison. from the signs posted all over the theater lobby and covering the windows, it seems to be a protest of everything from tuition hikes to banality. i understand the basic theory behind protesting, having been to a few myself (the annual S.O.A. protest being one of them). the main difference between those protests in madison and georgia and the one taking place in the peck theater building is that the former are following the true intentions of protest. namely, they take their voice to the people who they most wish to voice their opinions to. this doesn’t seem to be the case with the occupation. if it is your intended purpose to have people hear your voice, please, by all means voice it, but do it somewhere more strategically placed…maybe lubar business school. or even in the union, where a vastly larger number of people will see your signs.
    Judging by the posted schedule and the advertisements of a “pyjama party” and “sleepover”, the occupation is little more than a bunch of college students squatting in a lobby for two weeks and being college students: watching movies, playing games, having dance parties, etc. i can appreciate interrupting someone’s day to have them listen to your opinions, but i feel that many of the people who use the theatre building view the group of occupiers as little more than an inconvenience…a troupe of people who have not bathed in a week and a half and are making noise on a fairly constant basis. this is not quite the image we wish to present to patrons and potential donors to the arts at uwm, and i would hope that any occupiers opposed to potential tuition hikes understand the importance that these donations carry.

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