UWM Occupied Press Release


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Students Occupy

75 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) students are currently occupying the Peck School of the Arts Theater Building.

Milwaukee, WI March 2, 2011  — There are currently about 75 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee students occupying the Peck School of the Arts Theater Building. The occupiers adopted this solidarity statement: “We stand in solidarity with the workers and students striking and occupying the Wisconsin State Capitol building.  We demand immunity for all occupiers and strikers involved in these actions.”

“Students and workers across Wisconsin are fighting back against Governor Walker’s attacks on education, public services, and underrepresented groups. UWM students are occupying in solidarity with students and workers from Egypt to Madison,” said Jacob Flom.


Jenna Pope

Jacob Flom


4 Responses to UWM Occupied Press Release

  1. lena says:

    Solidarity from UC Santa Cruz. We are a group of students who are highly concerned with the decline in accessibility and quality of public education. We are organized here around three guiding principles: Democracy, Representation, and Accountability. From these principles we insist on the following recommendations that the University must implement to remain a body of Excellence, Education, and Accessibility. More specifically, we are deeply affected by the lack of ethnic studies here at UC Santa Cruz, because it is vital for this institution to offer its students a cite for critical inquiry that can be a political project.

    We would love to skype with you students!!! Lots of love & solidarity. “From Egypt, to Wisconsin, to UCSC, the people demand democracy!”

  2. Joe Dewhurst says:

    Solidarity from Edinburgh, UK!

  3. professor says:

    what’s the latest? are you still there? get kicked out? provide update, please.

    • Jenna says:

      We’re still occupying the building. Even though we aren’t technically supposed to be there after the building closes, the administration and police decided it was alright if we stayed overnight. And we’re having a pajama jama dance party tonight!

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