Milwaukee SDS Supports UW-Milwaukee Occupation

Milwaukee SDS released the following statement on their website in support of the ongoing occupation of the UWM Theatre.

Milwaukee SDS Supports UW-Milwaukee Occupation
Students Stand in Solidarity with State Capitol Occupation

Over fifty students and youth are currently occupying the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) and the numbers of occupiers are still growing. Milwaukee students are occupying UWM in solidarity with the global resistance to capitalism that is spreading the globe from Egypt to Madison.

From “We stand in solidarity with the workers and students striking and occupying the Wisconsin State Capitol building. We demand immunity for all occupiers and strikers involved in these actions.”

On February 17th, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at UWM organized over 3,000 people to demonstrate in opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill,” which proposes to destroy the rights of workers unions and Wisconsin citizens. This is the largest rally that UWM has seen since 1971.

On the March 2nd National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, Milwaukee SDS organized another walkout to continue the opposition to Walker’s attack on workers and students. 2,000 university students and staff walked out and took over streets around the campus.

Last week, SDS chapters from around the country travelled to the occupied Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, where they led a student contingent in the 100,000 strong rally against Walker.

At the end of our rally in solidarity with the 3rd National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, which over 2,000 people attended, UWM community members began an occupation of their university.

Education is a Right! Students and Workers Unite and Fight!

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