UWM Occupation’s Intentions

March 21, 2011

-To work with unions and union employees to provide a system of support for workers participation in protests, by bringing food and childcare services to these individuals. (Away from this space)

-To inform students of the effects of the Master Plan for UWM.

-To create a space to inform people how to get politically involved, via registering for voting, voting April 5th, petitioning.

-To inform the students and community members of the issues and how they directly impact them.

-To be a place to involve students and engage in a dialogue about alternative solutions and actions we can take.


UWM Occupation’s Demands

March 21, 2011

-We demand to be allowed to continue our occupation, until we feel there is no longer a need for our own efforts.

-We demand to remain a public institution, accessible to our community.

-We demand that if our school is privatized that it benefits the tuition paying students and faculty in either a freeze or decrease in tuition, and the educational diversity of our school be kept intact by not cutting existing programs.

Punk and Metal Show

March 12, 2011

On Saturday night the occupation will be hosting several punk and metal bands starting at midnight. They are (in no particular order):

Living and Wrestling
Rust Belt Demons

Be there or be square.

The bill has passed.

March 10, 2011

First of all, the occupation has not been evicted. We’re still in the theater building.

Second of all, Scott Walker’s budget bill has recently passed. There will be a meeting tonight at 9 to discuss how to prepare for the coming general strike. If you are in Milwaukee, it is extremely important that you attend.

The Theatre Building Occupation Has been Evicted

March 8, 2011

The specific reason for eviction and order to clear the space is not yet widely know or clear (as people who were not there at the time of the notice). We will post more details when we have them.

Spread the occupations.

Upcoming Events taking place within or called by the Occupation

March 6, 2011

Sunday March 6th:

4pm – Writers Workshop

6pm – Discussion on ‘The Seattle General Strike of 1919’ (available at the space)

8pm – Surrealist Salon

9pm – GENERAL MEETING to discuss the use of the space

Monday March 7th:

11am – Chalking and Communication across campus and the east side about the occupation

4pm – Philosophy Discussion on ‘What is Knowledge?’

7pm – Discussion regarding materially supporting strikes and workplace resistance

9pm – GENERAL MEETING to discuss the use of the space

10pm – Movies

Tuesday March 8th

Noon – Figure Drawing Workshop

1pm – Discussion on ‘Communique From An Absent Future’ (available at the space in in ‘After the Fall’)

4pm – Mud Stencil Workshop

7pm – Judas Opening Night (the play that was already scheduled in the theatre building)

11pm – Parlor Game – The Village

Wednesday March 9th

6pm – Song Writing Workshop

8pm – Video Games

Thursday March 10th

4pm – Yoga

5pm – Poetry Reading

Friday March 11th

1pm – Hip Dance Workshop

11pm – Late Night Dance Party!

Day 4 photos

March 6, 2011